washi tape love! (obsession)

one of my latest obsessions has been with washi tape. in addition to using it in my planner, random pieces of glassware, and all over my office i’ve recreated a few old pieces around the house.

this clock was originally used to put photos where the yellow circles are, however i took everything out and washi-ed away.

i folded over some washi tape on some twine and came up with this fun little washi banner to string over my inspiration board, which is still 75% empty- don’t worry.. i’m still inspired :-)

this glass jar holds random stuff in the studio and currently holds fabric strips that i use for packaging. i love how it turned out and if i was still single- i’d turn all of my plates and bowls into something similar. somehow i can’t imagine my husband enjoying this type of decor.

i shared this washi tape notebook tutorial a few weeks ago, and am planning on making a few more for gifts. maybe even some clipboards or folders, orrrrrrr binders (now i’ve got myself all excited!!!)

i even found a way to incorporate it on my laptop.

i may try this washi tape keyboard tutorial next. i’d love to hear your ideas on what to use some on next!!

i’m linking up with craftaholics anonymous for a little washi tape party, make sure you stop by!

a peek into my [[new]] studio

b and i decided to move my “studio” from the smaller room in the basement, into the bigger room (isn’t he sweet??). i’m all settled in and am loving the new layout and extra space.
sewing machine #1, most of my sewing is done on this machine. when i first started sewing i got the second sewing machine shown, but i upgraded last year and l.o.v.e. it. no more jams and frustrations! one of my favorite parts of the room is the mason jars above, they store clips, buttons, glue sticks, etc.

below is sewing machine #2. i have a ruffler foot on this machine, so it’s mainly used for ruffles and works out perfectly. the bunting that is hanging from the ceiling is a recent creation, and whenever i seem to find time, i’m planning on making bunting for the entire room.
i’m proud of my growing fabric stash :-) if my husband only knew how much fabric actually was…. you’ll also see a HUGE timesaver on the floor, my accuquilt
cutting board and fabric scraps.

b’s spot for when i want company.

entertainment, ironing board, and the banner my mom made for craft fairs. so happy there was enough room to hang it up. i’ll be taking it down for another craft fair next weekend.