my week in pictures

wrapping up another week with photos over here at the lovely poppy.

it’s been a busy week working, contemplating getting another puppy, obsessing over avocados and putting washi tape anywhere i can imagine.

b & i went out to eat on sunday morning, which is one of my favorite things to do- egg white omelet with avocado- yes please!

is bailey’s face not the guiltiest face you have ever seen?


baby shower prep and a little snack

i have a new love- sperry’s and i happened to find two pairs in south carolina. not sure how i was able to crunch them into my full suitcase, but i did.

playing with some packaging ideas and putting with paint cards.

have i told you that i enjoy buying “outfits” for my iPhone? she (or he depending on the day) has a good two weeks worth of outfits.



  1. I love iPhone cases! They have so many cute options. There are nil options for my phone…only those stupid little plastic ones that the ink starts coming off of within a week. I love all your pictures. :)

  2. Bailey is the cutest dog ever! Those shoes are to-die-for! I love avocadoes too and I think washi tape is one of the BEST pointless inventions EVER. lol! You rock! =)