growth |grōTH|noun1 • the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually

as a handmade business owner, growth is one of my biggest priorities. not growth in numbers or customers, but growth as a person, skills, and decision making.

part of growth for me is increasing my knowledge and learning to do new things.

over the weekend i focused on teaching myself how to sew a zipper. my entertainment during workouts recently have consisted of watching youtube videos on sewing zippers (iPads make working out SO much easier) and reading a few books on different sewing techniques. a few hours and prototypes later..i ended up with this:



some of my favorite posts for sewing a zipper are:


another thing i am trying to teach myself is html and css coding. i’ve really enjoyed doing a little bit of graphic design on the side and would love to design websites for other small handmade business owners. i’ve been indulging myself in coding books lately and can’t wait to share what i’ve been working on!

 some of my favorite design resources are:

what does growth mean for you and your business?





  1. Zippers were one of the first thing I ever attempted to sew! They’re intimidating, but so easy once you get the hang of it, and here’s a secret (pssst! You don’t need to use a zipper foot if you’re good at straight lines! ;)

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pouch! It’s adorable…too bad i don’t have an ipad…=(

  3. I’m looking for someone to code a site for me…we should talk :)

  4. This is awesome, good for you! Please keep us posted on your progress.;0)