craft fair advice

many of us are scared to participate in a craft fair. there’s something about putting yourself out there in front of people face to face and risking to potential of feeling rejected or that all of your hard work isn’t being noticed. today i’m sharing my thoughts and advice on jumping into the craft fair world.

my first show was a little intimidating, even though i decided to start with a small show (which i highly recommend). the entrance fee was around forty dollars, which is pretty reasonable in my area. for high traffic, big name craft fairs they usually run around 125-200 dollars a day and require applications to be completed at least six months in advance. when looking for a craft fair to participate in make sure you are aware of the audience you will be selling to. don’t sell baby headbands at a senior center craft fair or bakery at a wellness fair. i’ve used this website in the past to find shows in my area.


don’t go overboard, stay with simple and neat. if a customer walks by and sees products all over the place and too cluttered, they likely will not stop by.

vary how you display your products. i found most of my display pieces at rummage sales or antique shops. i love the vintage milk crates or old jewelry racks. i’ve learned that varying the height that you display things is helpful, no one is drawn to only seeing things laying out on a table.



make sure you have plenty of one and five dollar bills, i usually run to the bank ahead of time and keep my cash in a pencil case for safe keeping. you’ll also want to bring an invoice paper pad, business cards and your basic table and chair. a table cloth will tie the display together nicely and i always bring tape and a scissors along in case something needs to be adjusted, as far as the pricing displays go, it’s up to you- i’ve tagged each item individually and i’ve made signs for each group of product. both ways have worked well for me.



my most popular products online, aren’t the products that sell the best in person. i’d suggest bringing a little bit of everything for your first few shows and once you know what will sell best, stock up your inventory with more of those items. i’ve found it easier to stick with what products you have in the shop, so if you don’t seel them you can use them for when online orders come in, but part of that may be because i don’t like having products left over.


the day of the show:

relax, all of your hard work and preparation will pay off and having people love your products as much as you do, is so worth it.  remember to smile and greet your customers, no one likes a salesperson who is unfriendly. try to make friends with the person in the booth next to you, you’ll want to use them for a bathroom break at some point throughout the day. remember, it’s  your first show and something will go wrong, it’s all how you react and adapt. i promise you that once you have a felt craft shows under your belt, everything will seem less overwhelming and you’ll be a pro before you know it!


  1. I really like all your tips. I love your display. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you for all these helpful tips!! it seems so intimidating to participate in a craft fair. our big one here is a bit intimidating… you have to apply 6mths in advance AND go before the “Art Council” with your inventory. They have the final say.

    I’m pinning this for future reference!!

    merry Christmas!

  3. DondaLee's says:

    I LOVE all your advice! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope to do my first little craft events in the spring! I can’t wait to put together a display. =)